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Welcome! Always wondered how to Make Money from Forex trading? Well, you just hit the Right button. These FREE Forex Trading Lessons are Yours.  Here you will get Free Coaching Online Sessions in a Simple Step by Step Approach.  Great!  Let ‘s start with a Simple Introduction below;

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Candle sticks? Fibonacci?  No idea on how to use these in forex?

This session will help you learn how to apply these tools in your trading.

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If you can measure it, then you can improve it!
Here’s a section on popular indicators in forex and how to profit from them.

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Advanced basics

Head and shoulders? Elliot wave? Interest rates? Clueless about them??
In these free forex trading lessons you will learn not only what they are, but also how to profit from them!

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Practicals & practiCes

Want try out the trading tools and techniques on your own for perfection.

The next Free Forex trading lessons are all you ever need! Lets teach you how to! 

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Here in the next forex trading lessons we shall help you compare what you have learned with other financial markets like Stocks, Gold etc.
Very awesome journey! Let’s get started

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planning to trade

Success doesn’t just come,  its planned for! – Anonymous
Ever heard the saying “You must aim and shoot, not shoot and then aim”?
Here you will learn what to aim for and when to shoot it!

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risk management

Risk comes when you don’t know what you’re doing.  – Warren Buffet
Here’s a full session on how to manage  risk and maximise profits in your trading!

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Last session

Clearly this our last session, its been an interesting and beautiful journey! But before you leave,

 Here is a session on some RED lights in the forex market . These free forex trading lessons are also about some interesting emerging markets like Bitcoin!

How to be a successful trader!

Over the past few years i have met many persons with the interest to join trading all in the rush for the money in the capital markets. It is said that 5 trillion USD is traded each single day. One thing most of them ignore is the work that is needed to be successful...

Rules we use in trading

Rules we use in trading

Hello fam, As the year comes to a close, I wish to share forex wave rules that have kept me in this business. I started off trading currencies hoping it would be an easy task but i have learnt over time that for our lives to be easy we must do what is hard. Trading is...

Identifying impulse and correction

Identifying impulse and correction

Hello all, Before I talk about how to identify impulse and corrections in Forex, I hope you are well and are enjoying your trades. It doesn't matter what strategy you are using. I hope you are working hard in strengthening your strategy and not only depending on...

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