Over the past few years i have met many persons with the interest to join trading all in the rush for the money in the capital markets. It is said that 5 trillion USD is traded each single day. One thing most of them ignore is the work that is needed to be successful in this business. Trading is not and will never be about just clicking buy or sell. Trading must be respected as a career like any other. Persons must be willing to put in the work, endure the pain of being wrong often and have a burning passion in following the markets.” You must be aware that God is at its highest before the TV tells you”.

My key points towards success in this field would be

:Get a good mentor

:Be ready to lose

:Spend more of your time trying to understand how the market moves.

:Refer to the rules we shared with you on trading

Finally always remember that practice is what you need to do that will make you good at what you do and not what you will do when you are good