How to make money trading Binary Options?

Making money trading binary is simple and easy. All you need is to predict right the asset direction movement within a specified time of time.

Types of options

High/Low, Call/Put, Up/ Down, Above/ Below

 As a trader you only need to predict whether the price of the asset is going to rise or fall within a given time frame for a specific period of time. It is the simplest and easiest binary option.

When traders believe that the underlying asset price is going to rise above the strike price to a certain level before expiration they place a Call option.

Likewise when they believe that price will fall below the current price to a certain level within the estimated time, they place a Put option.

Touch options

One touch/ No touch

In this option the trader predicts that the price of the asset will touch a specific value before the end/expiration of the given time. Price has to touch the price at least once before the expiration time for you to profit the trade.

Unlike in the high low options where you have to choose the direction and the target yourself, here the direction and the target is already chosen for you. You just have to make a decision whether to go call or put (buy or sell).

In touch options the broker defines the price level of the asset, higher or lower the current price.

As a trader when you feel that the price will touch the predetermined price level above the current price you can go ahead and buy or place a call option. If you feel it will fall to that level you can place a put option. The same goes for no-touch.

Depending on different brokers, they may use different titles for the option; it can be touch or one touch. These all mean the same thing and work in the same way.

The touch option has the highest payout in that you can win up to 500% with an average win of 300% of the risked money as long as the price touches the predetermined price level.

It is available for a full week therefore to win the touch option, price must touch the predetermined level at least once in that period of one week. Once you predict right and the price of the reaches or falls to the target price just with the very first touch you have already earned yourself a profit.

Only a single touch to the target earns you.

No- touch

The no-touch option means that price will not touch the predetermined price level above or below the current price at which you placed your trade .


An option contract that allows the holder to earn a profit as long as the underlying asset market price reaches one or more strike prices before the expiration time.

A ladder trade is not far different from the high low or touch options. It also requires a trader to predict the correct direction to which price is moving to within the designed timeframe.

With ladder options the trade is broken down into predetermined strike prices and expiry time. This means it involves partial wins and losses till the last trade. So each time a strike price is reached by a trader within the designed expiration period designed, he/she takes in a payout.

The holder profits even if the price of the underlying asset returns to a lower level.  These partial payouts can add up to 100% or more.

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